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  1. New blog entry - new items at the store, handmade gifts for mom!
    Sent May 10th 2013

    Yep, a couple of days ago I said I'd have a new blog post out... Well, I got sidetracked, had customers, and then left my camera at the shop so it took me longer than I thought to get it finished. (How typical...) Anyway - here's the link! I hope you enj...

  2. Mom's Day is coming! We can help :)
    Sent May 7th 2013

    Hello to all, Time's going by pretty fast here at the shop. This is the beginning of our eighth month and we're pretty much on track with where we want to be at this stage of our growth. Well... of course we'd rather be taking over the world, but what I...

  3. January Newsletter, Class Announcement
    Sent January 20th 2013

    We're now into our fifth month of business here at Once Upon A Silver Moon. So far, not bad! But that pesky rent thing keeps coming up. *sigh* In this email: -- apothecary news -- Amazon affiliate link -- classes coming up APOTHECARY NEWS We're getting...

  4. Holiday Hours
    Sent December 21st 2012

    Once Upon A Silver Moon will observe the following hours over the holiday season: 12/21 (Yule/Winter Solstice/Mayan armageddon): regular hours 12/23 (Festivus): regular hours 12/24 (Christmas Eve): regular hours - wait, we're usually closed Mondays. We'l...

  5. Special Pre-Buy Offer on Alchemy Gothic Jewellery
    Sent December 13th 2012

    I'm planning to visit the showroom for Alchemy 1977 in Fort Worth on Monday. We occasionally offer a deal where you can place an order with us at just twice our wholesale cost (the lowest most of the vendors will allow us to sell to the public). I do thi...

  6. December Newsletter from Once Upon A Silver Moon
    Sent December 12th 2012

    Hello there! I think we have critical mass now on our email list to try to send out a newsletter. This is a reflection of our overall growth here at Once Upon A Silver Moon, and I'm kind of proud of it. I apologize in advance for being long-winded, but t...


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This is an announcement list for Once Upon A Silver Moon, a metaphysical shop in Oklahoma City.

Things you can expect from us: a monthly* newsletter, notices about events, the occasional special deal, stuff like that.

We are not real fond of spam, so we will treat your inbox as if it were our own.

Also please follow us on Twitter for random free offers. Twitter is the only place we will announce that kind of stuff. Yeah we know, nobody uses Twitter anymore. But it's still useful because it goes right to your cell phone or email or RSS thingie, whereas if we put out announcements on Facebook, only 14% of our subscribers will even get it in their newsfeed, and then it's immediately swallowed up by political nonsense and cute kittens.

Long story short - only like 5 people ever see our Facebook posts, where 100% of our Twitter followers will get the message. So Twitter it is. And you don't even have to have a Twitter account - use an RSS tool to subscribe!

But you can still "like" us on Facebook. We prefer that you like us in person, too, so come by the shop soon and say hi, pick up a bar of handmade castille soap, just be neighborly. Help us stay in business by, you know, buying something every now and then. That's how it works, right?

We also offer tarot readings, spiritual counselling, confession services, and conjure work such as setting a candle for you. Please enquire if you are interested in these services or would just like to know what "conjure" means. And yes - that's confession, as in "it's been six years since my last confession..."

Ande Spenser

Twitter: @SilverMoonOKC
Facebook - Shop: OnceUponASilverMoon
Facebook - Ande: AndeSpenser

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