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From: "Once Upon A Silver Moon" <mailmonkey@onceuponasilvermoon.com>
Subject: October News at the Moon... AND HALLOWEEN!
Date: October 7th 2015

It's that time of year when we can experience multiple seasons in a week - turn on the heater at night, the AC in the day, and better make sure to dress in layers, coz it's impossible to set the thermostat where it's comfortable inside.

I love the warm smoky sunsets and the light chill of the evenings, the leaves starting to turn (the grass did it last week, so no more mowing!). It's the perfect weather for sitting outside on the patio with a cup of coffee, maybe enjoying an occasional pipe or a cigar, maybe a little fire in the chiminea from pinion wood. mmmmmm

And as the school season gets well underway what does every household really need to stay organized and in sync with each other?


We have gotten in our annuals from Llewellyn and Weiser Books. We have the following available - and we're selling out quickly, so get yours soon, because we won't have them again until next fall.

Wall Calendars

-- Llewellyn Witches' Calendar 2016. Runs Jan-Dec. Each month has a hand-drawn picture with a little bit of seasonal lore, and every day has the moon phase, color of the day, and relevant astrological information. $13.99

-- Alchemy Gothic Calendar 2016. Runs Sept 2015-Dec 2016 (2015 months are on one page). The 2016 months each have their own page, and beautiful spooky gothy artwork. There is no information other than the number of the day on the date squares, plenty of room for writing. $13.99

Desk Calendar

-- Llewellyn Witches' Datebook 2016. Five full-length almanac-style articles in the beginning, then each week has two pages. Spiral-bound so it lays flat on your desk. Each day has moon phases and color of the day and relevant astrological information. Holidays are marked, and there's a single line of lore on each page. The weekend page has either a picture, moon or seasonal lore, a recipe, or a mini article. The recipes are always pretty tasty! $11.99


We've already sold out of the Sabbat's Almanac, sorry :( no, we won't be getting any more.

-- Llewellyn 2016 Magical Almanac, "practical magic for every day living". From the back cover: this edition features nearly three dozen compelling articles, grouped by element, on everything from magical pets to beauty tips. Also included is a handy calendar section - shaded for easy "flip to" reference - featuring world festivals, holidays, and the 2016 Sabbats. You'll also find astrological info, plus incense and color correspondences, to empower your magical work. $11.99

This is a pretty cool almanac. None of the ones we carry have repeat information (except on the calendar pages, what with the astrology/moon info, holidays, color of the day etc). A lot of people like to get a wall and/or desk calendar and this almanac, and this provides some continuing magical education for those who are so inclined.


-- Llewellyn 2016 Herbal Almanac, "herbs for growing & gathering, cooking & crafts, health & beauty, history, myth & lore". From the back: features dozens of articles that explore the many uses of herbs. From gardening, cooking, and crafts to health, beauty, and lore, this treasury of innovative herbal ideas will imporove your life through the power of nature's helpful plants. Discover friendly fungi for the herbalist, permaculture and the herb garden, herbal perfumes, misunderstood mint, a salute to spuds, and inspiration for blackberrying. You'll even find information on dream gardens and shade gardens. From herbal pickling to herbs and trees of the coniferous forest, this practical almanac is your gateway to the herbal kingdom. $11.99

The Herbal Almanac has no calendar pages, but many articles. Think of it as an ad-free magazine with articles to last you quite a while if you leave it in the bathroom like most of us do ;)

-- The Witches' Almanac (published by Weiser Books). This runs from Spring 2016 - Spring 2017 and is in its 35th issue! It's a small publication put out by a handful of dedicated staffers. You may recognize Judika Illes - she's one of the copy editors.

We haven't carried these before. Last year someone brought one in and showed it to me, and I knew that we'd certainly want to carry them as soon as I saw it. It's more like an old-skool farmer's almanac, with lots of art, many articles about all kinds of stuff, a few pages dedicated to horoscopes, and a climatologist's forecast for the weather from March 2016 through February 2017... some serious fortune-telling there... There's even a celebrity horoscope - for Pope Francis! $12.95

This Witches' Almanac is a lot less "pagan" than the Llewellyn Magical Almanac. There are articles about estoeric stuff from all over the globe, and spanning many traditions. It's a really cool collection of information and if you've never seen one before, definitely pick it up and flip through it next time you're in the store.

And then there's one more thing about it - in the back, there are a few pages where stores can buy an ad. The writing team sells ad space to scratch up the cost of publication, and to pay their writers, since it's not done in-house from one of the publishers. Next time, we're going to get an ad (it's really reasonably priced), because we want to support the staff. They do a bang-up job and you'll immediately see what I mean when you come in and look at it.

So the really neat thing is, if you like reading the articles in the almanacs, none of them have duplicate copy. So you can get ALL of them and have a lot of stuff to read, with no overlap!


Well if you've been in you know that we have the little multicultural altar in the vestibule. People leave coins from time to time and as they mount up, we exchange them for bills. We never keep this money for the store - it is held in trust until we reach an amount suitable for donation.

Previously, we have sponsored two scholarships for the Welcoming Committee, an organization dedicated to helping LGBT youth find their place in the world. The scholarships went to one undergrad and one graduate student and were $100 each.

Since then, we have found the Bat World Conservatory in Mineral Wells, Texas. We've made it our permanent recipent for the altar donations and just last week we sent a check to them for $150, to help care for the wounded, mistreated, and orphaned bats in their facility. Bat World has a fascinating website - including live bat cams!! - at https://batworld.org/

What's even more awesome is that you guys can help them every time you shop on Amazon. Go to smile.amazon.com and choose Bat World Sanctuary as your charity, and Amazon will see to it that they get donations when you buy things through smile.amazon.com. If you're like me and do most of your shopping in your bunny slippers, this adds up fast

You can also buy some fun things in their online store, such as stuffies, t-shirts, books, key chains, etc

They have a fundraiser campaign going on right now - and videos, too. "A day in the life" is really cute https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/make-bat-world-sanctuary-a-forever-place-for-bats-in-need-/324175

Okay, okay... enough about the bats. Well, no, there's never Too Much Bat. I love them so! But enough about them in this newsletter.


We will have a special GIFT WITH PURCHASE on Halloween. That's Saturday the 31st (and Ande's birthday!) so make sure you come in and get something that day, because we'll brew up some oil just for the day. If you came to our store's 3rd birthday party or have gotten a promo some other time, you know that our special treats are really good. We don't know yet what we'll be giving out exactly, but expect a little vial of oil, a candle, and some kind of meditation or work you can do with it. We might have a crystal or tumbled stone of some kind in there too, you never know! Quantities will be limited to 36 and yeah baby, we ALWAYS run out of our promos, so shop early.


Once Upon A Silver Moon is co-sponsor of Pagan Pride Day so it's probably a good thing to let people know about this LOL

From their flyer: "OKC Pagan Pride Day is a day for Pagans across Oklahoma to come together to celebrate and share our spirituality. It is a day for us to provide education about Paganism to those interested in learning. It's also a day for us to give back to our greater community with a food drive for people and pets."

The event is scheduled for OCTOBER 17th, 10am - 6pm, at the West Side Lion's Club 4135 NW 10th st in OKC.

There will be classes and presentations, public rituals, drum circles, entertainment, belly dancers, vendors, readers, and more.

Usually Pagan Pride Days are pretty fun, and you don't have to be a pagan to go to it, especially if you like people-watching, coz there's always something worth watching at these kind of things. It's free, so go! And bring something for their food drive coz that's a nice neighborly thing to do.

Their web site is okcpaganprideday.com and they're on Facebook at facebook.com/okcpaganprideday

Ande's not a pagan, and not on the planning committee. We just threw some money and prizes their way, which makes us a sponsor, so if you have questions about paganism, or specifically about Pagan Pride Day, please contact them through their website or FB page. They're nice people and don't bite so you can ask them pretty much anything.

FINALLY... We're hiring holiday staff

Do you have what it takes? Find out here (as well as instructions for application):


You can email your CV and letter of application back to this email if you are applying.

Thanks for reading - see you again soon!!

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