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From: "Once Upon A Silver Moon" <mailmonkey@onceuponasilvermoon.com>
Subject: PARTY!! and a heck of a deal on mini readings 7/25
Date: July 19th 2015

The Red Cup Cafe (which shares our parking lot) is celebrating its 20th birthday on Saturday, July 25th.

They're going to have local bands and stuff, and a free vegetarian snack buffet starting at 6pm.

Once Upon A Silver Moon has planned for card readers to be out on the deck doing mini readings. 3 cards, 10 minutes, only ten bucks! They'll start doing readings at 5pm. The last reading will start at 8:45.

The store will be open until at least 9pm, depending on how traffic is flowing. Last year, things wrapped up pretty much around 9pm, so we're expecting to close at 9ish again this year.

We will begin selling tickets for readings on Wednesday so if you want to pick your reader and your time slot, you'll need to book as soon as possible. We fully expect this event to sell out.

Tickets are $10 paid in person only. We cannot hold any time slots without payment.

If you would like to tip your reader, please bring cash. You can either give it to them after the reading or leave it with us and we'll get it to them after the event. Tips are nice, but not expected, and it's a way to show appreciation since the price of the reading is greatly reduced.

We can make arrangements for longer readings if you need them but we must stick to the ten minute time limit at this event.

Because of the tight schedule, anyone who is more than two or three minutes late for their reading will forfeit their turn. Tickets are non-refundable.

Respond to this email if you have any questions!

Ande Spenser, owner
Once Upon A Silver Moon
3124 N Classen Blvd
(405) 763-5825
11-7 Tues-Sat, 12-5 Sun, closed Mondays

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