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From: "Once Upon A Silver Moon" <mailmonkey@onceuponasilvermoon.com>
Subject: New Customer Reward Program!!
Date: January 18th 2015

Some of y'all have already seen this on our Facebook page, so you are already in the loop.

For everyone else, we have started a new customer rewards program we call "Six Spot".

I got the idea from an article in the November 2013 issue of Retailing Insight (I'm a little behind on my leisure reading). They interviewed a store owner from another state, someone I've met at INATS (the New Age trade show), and the interviewer asked her if she had a rewards program and it was SOOO easy that I'm like, I CAN DO THAT TOMORROW!!

And so we did.

Here's the scoop.

Shop with us six times. (Hence, "Six Spot".) We keep track of how much you spend (pre-tax). On the sixth time we'll add it up and you get a STORE CREDIT of 10% of everything you spent for your next visit.

If your six visits total more than $200, you get 15% credit instead of 10%. Whoo!

That's it! Super simple.

No special apps to download. No little cards to keep track of. In fact, no chance that your privacy is going to accidentally get violated in any way, because we keep it on index cards at the shop.

So it's like you get 10% off everything store-wide, retroactively. Books, tarot, jewelry, everything, whether it was on sale or not. We don't do sales too much, though. And we made up a little code to note what kinds of stuff you buy, so if we get in a bunch of new incense, we can look at people who buy a lot of incense, and send them an email to let them know AND maybe do a 20% off this new product line for a few days. Simple things like that. It's all manually tabulated so there are no robots spying on you. I'm spying on you, but you want me to do that, so I can randomly send you a coupon for stuff you might actually want, or maybe invite you to a focus group.

One more thing -

Back when we first opened and I was blithely unaware that I'd be so pressed for time to make stuff, I had a buy-10-get-one-free card for our handmade joss incense. I still have those cards although it's unlikely that I'll bring back that product any time soon.

I'll be sending out separate emails as time allows, to let those patrons know that they have at least one spot already filled on their reward card if they come in and use it! Each incense was $5, each time they visited counts as a spot on the six spots to fill up. We'll also have a print-out at the desk so if you think you may have had an incense rewards card, be sure to mention it because it will bring you closer to earning your store credit.

That promotion ran late 2012 through early 2013, so if you visited us and remember buying incense in a plastic test tube, there's a good chance that you have a card on file. I also sold them through the OK Food CoOp and at a couple of OPERA psychic fairs as well before we opened.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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