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From: "Once Upon A Silver Moon" <mailmonkey@onceuponasilvermoon.com>
Subject: Holiday Cheer 4-8pm today at Once Upon A Silver Moon!
Date: December 24th 2014

The staff at Once Upon A Silver Moon hope you are having a great week - no ice, no snow, and up until today, pretty nice weather! It'll be a bit blustery out but we hope you can drop by and share some Holiday Cheer with us this afternoon.

We'll be open til 8pm today for last-minute shopping and a Christmas Eve celebration starting at 4pm that mostly involves cheese, homemade cookies, and hot drinks (we might share the wine from behind the counter if you ask nicely), but we'll have a little something special for anyone who drops in today, so if you can, we'd love to see you!

We do request that small children stay home today. When we get a full house, it's harder to keep track of the little guys, and they're probably all shopped out by now, right? Give them - and yourself - a break.

We are a Christmas music free zone. No 65 years old overplayed holiday songs for us. We figure you probably have had enough of them by now anyway. Depending on our mood, though, you may encounter vintage 80s New Age music or even possibly some techno. Last year we had disco queued up and anytime something dancey like Stayin' Alive came on we grabbed whoever was in the store and everyone did the Hustle. It turned out to be a lot of fun! Just say the word and we can make that happen again today, muhahahahahaha

So again - the takeaways for this email:

-- happy holiday of your choice
-- open til 8pm (closed tomorrow)
-- FREE NOSH 4-8pm
-- free prezzies for customers today
-- no little kids
-- no annoying Christmas music

Love and hugs -

Ande, Ophelia, Hannah, Zeeke, Kat, and Artemis

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