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From: "Once Upon A Silver Moon" <mailmonkey@onceuponasilvermoon.com>
Subject: We are a year old now! and Woodstock Windchimes.
Date: September 5th 2013

WOO HOO!!! Once Upon A Silver Moon is a year old today.

What have we done in the past year?


If you haven't been in lately, you really must come and check us out.

Perfect opportunity - Red Cup Square is throwing a block party this Sunday from 5-9pm. The Red Cup is going to have some snackage, and the businesses of Red Cup Square (that's us downstairs, and the upstairs tenants TJ's Cut & Style, Yoga Loft, and Chase Cecil Medical Massage) are all going to have open houses.

The Moon will be open til 7 or so, well heck we'll be open til people stop shopping, what am I saying?

Drum circle planned outside for 7ish, so bring your bongos and belly dance outfits. But you know how drummers are - someone will probably start up a beat earlier than planned. You might also like to bring some chair type things, and bug spray never hurt anyone.

You are SO invited!! If you are not on the guest list - you aren't on my friend list! Get there!


I am Ande Spenser on Facebook. Friend me! :)


We have ordered 25 Llewellyn Magical Almanacks, 15 Witch's Datebooks (the spiral bound desk calendar), and 10 Witch's Wall Calendars. In addition to that, we are expecting two sets of the Steampunk Tarot in that same shipment.

To stake your claim, please bring a cash deposit (half down) to the shop by Sunday, Sept 15th. We expect these to sell out pretty quickly so this is a great opportunity to get your hands on a calendar before the holiday shopping chaos.

And if you're thinking you'll just get your calendar half off after Christmas at one of the bookstores, forget it. I'll get ALL of them ha ha! Set your mind at rest and just pick it up now so you don't have to fuss over it later.

They should be in the store by Sept 25th.

If you have requests for any Llewellyn merchandise, I need to know (with payment) by Thursday the 12th so I can squeak it into my order on the 13th. Llewellyn has become one of the major tarot vendors (next to US Games), so if you're in the mode for a new deck, check them out. They also have a ton of books and other calendars besides what we've ordered.


I'm going to Dallas to the World Trade Center on Monday. Just so happens my Woodstock Chimes rep is going to be there too! I'm going to put in an order for these high-quality, beautifully tuned chimes to be shipped ermmm maybe October 10th.

You can listen to any (or all) of the chimes here:


Pre-order your chimes and save 30% off our retail price! We'll need your cash deposit (no credit cards please) by close of business Sunday, Sept 8th. Preferably we would like that in before the party starts - I expect chaos Sunday evening.

What's a cash deposit? Half down. You can pay cash or credit for the balance (plus tax) when they come in, around October 20th. Cash down is better for us, because if your chime is out of stock, it's a lot easier to do a refund.

To pre-order please have the product name and item code (it's listed as SKU). You can email (reply to this one if you like), text, phone, or ping me on facebook to find out what things will cost. If you call in, I may be with a customer and thus need to take your info and call you back, but we'll have the catalogue up at the counter for people to look through. If there are several you are looking at, please email or FB me. One or two over the phone or text isn't too hard to handle.

Generally speaking - and this is very general, but a ballpark - small chimes retail for $20-30, medium ranges from $50-120, large $125-200, and really ding dang big, $225-400. The big mongo monster ones are like $450.

That sounds pretty expensive for windchimes but lemme tell ya, if you like windchimes, they are worth it.

I myself am trying to decide between these two, with their haunting, magical melodies:

http://www.woodstockchimes.com/p-172-chimes-of-jerusalem.aspx and

They will retail for between $75-90. I can't remember their cost and I left my price list at the shop, but I'm pretty sure it's nearer the lower end of that range. So 30% off is around $50-65, which is a nice savings!

These little dudes, however, will retail for under twenty bucks a piece, making very nice stocking stuffers and such:


That's for one, not for the whole assortment LOL

Woodstock also repairs and refurbishes their chimes, so if you have some that maybe need a new clapper or something, look on their website for the details.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you Sunday at the party!

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