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From: "Once Upon A Silver Moon" <mailmonkey@onceuponasilvermoon.com>
Subject: Peter Stone is IN da HOUSE... 'n' send Ande for some skoolin'
Date: July 19th 2013


So all those lovely, lovely things we wrote about in the last note have come in! Fabulous Egyptian statues, gargoyles, Om scarves, Deva Designs pewter pendants, incense, and WOOT!! Peter Stone's Nebula jewellery.

Nebula is a nickle-free, lead-free white metal alloy that looks like silver, but is in fact a white brass. It also has the advantage of being harder than silver (thus harder to scratch), and does not tarnish. http://www.nebulajewelry.com/pages/About.html

It's soooo shiny... We're loving it!

We got several pentagrams, some triquetras, and a heavy Thor's Hammer set with mesmerizing moonstones. Nebula is about half the price of sterling, making it really affordable, and in the Peter Stone designs we have come to love.

Peter Stone Jewelry is made in Thailand. Why? Coz Peter Koslowski, the owner, lived there forever, married a Thai woman, and just really likes the place. Peter Stone Jewelry would be considered "Fair Trade" plus a bit, because the workers are paid pretty well.

In the top photo, the woman in the foreground is Mrs. Koslowski. http://www.peterstone.com/blog/our-factory/

Take a look round their website and let us know what all you'd like to see on our shelves - love to have your opinions!


The remaining order, due to ship 7/25, is tarot cards and runes from Llewellyn. We still have open dibs on almost everything mentioned in the last email. Calendars and almanacks are due to ship 9/15 and we are still taking deposts on those.




Okay, okay - what is this about sending Ande back to school?

Well there's a very awesome-sounding Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans November 8-11th and it sounds like a great opportunity to go and learn from other rootworkers and conjure doctors. Coz you know, we offer those services at the shop right now, but you just can't really beat the kind of learning you get from rubbing elbows with others in the field. And if you haven't noticed, Oklahoma City is a little short of rootworkers at the moment. As far as we know, Ande is the only person offering this service in the Metro area, which leaves only her own elbows to rub. And if you've ever tried that, it's, well. Awkward.

Last year before reawakening Once Upon A Silver Moon, Ande attended the Hoodoo Workshop at the Lucky Mojo Curio Company in Forestville, CA. This was a great experience, because folks from all over the place came and shared how they do that hoodoo that they do. There were workshops and handouts and wow - she learned a lot, some of which she worked into how she does conjure arts today. Two of the Hoodoo Workshop teachers, Aunty Sindy and Susan Diamond, were of great help to Ande in helping her manifest the new 'Moon, and they are going to be at the Folk Magic Festival too.

Now what is all this fascination with Hoodoo, what's that all about?

Ande is from all over but her momma's side is from down south. Metarie, Lake Charles, Houma, and New Orleans, and so family traditions have a little of this and a little of that - that superstitious stuff known as "hoodoo". None of the family were practicing root doctors, that being mostly an African tradition at the time. But as they say in N'awlins, 90% are Catholic, but 110% practice hoodoo. It's in the air, you can't really get around without picking something up. Ande picked up a lot of it but it was bits and pieces, which she's spent the past 10 years trying to uncrumple and make sense of.

In today's world with the internet and all, it makes it much easier to formalize some of that handed-down tradition into proper magickal practice. But there is absolutely nothing better for learning than to just spend time with other practitioners and taking the occasional workshop to really hone that knowledge into something functional. The result of which of course is very beneficial to the Oklahoma City community, should a person find themselves in need of this type of service.

We have thus put up one of those crowd-funding thingies, and would very much appreciate it if you would chip in a few bucks to help make this trip happen. Ophelia would appreciate the money as well, since while Ande's gone someone has to run the shop, and part of the goal is to pay for those extra hours for her.

Now next year maybe the 'Moon will be absolutely stable and have a bit of reserve cash, but you know, we're only coming up on our first birthday in September, and well frankly we just don't have the extra money for this kind of activity. Right now everything that comes in as sales goes right back out as rent, wages (to Ophelia, Ande doesn't get paid yet), advertising, and of course to restocking and growing. So we're appealing to y'all and asking for just a small bit of love here to help us meet the goal of getting Ande to that workshop.

There is not a day that goes by that some soul doesn't come into the shop needing spiritual advice. Good thing Ande's got her minister's credentials, coz she uses them every single day. Mostly for free, too. If you've ever been in need and come in to talk to her, you know she knows her stuff, and tries her best to help people walk out stronger and happier than they were when they came in. It is not just about sales for her, like it is at so many of the other shops; she really wants to help people out.

If you like this kind of shop and this kind of person being in your community, throw a couple of bucks in the pot. There are several levels where you even get stuff, so hey. Stretch a little, give what you can, let's get this woman out of town for a few days and get her trained up a bit more.


----->> http://www.gofundme.com/SendAndeToTheFestival <<-----

Here's the page for how much the stuff costs, plus the Monday workshop. The VIP package includes the hotel and some meals, and the classes are at a considerable discount, making it really the smarter deal, because hotels in New Orleans are not cheap. If you click on "schedule" at the top, you'll see more details about the classes.


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