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From: "Once Upon A Silver Moon" <mailmonkey@onceuponasilvermoon.com>
Subject: NEW STUFF! Stake a claim on a calendar!
Date: June 27th 2013

Hey all,

First off, if you're just skimming, the "subject" of each 'graph is in caps for ease of use. Please note - you will want to read the part about the calendars, if you like to buy the witch calendars each year. Important stuff there.

RENT'S DUE... AGAIN... (Doesn't that ever go away?)

Just your friendly neighborhood occultist reminding you that metaphysical stores stay open because y'all come in and visit. If it's been a while since you invested in our shop, please consider dropping by and picking up some little something, so that we can keep growing and bringing you awesome wares. Seriously, not kidding, pleeeeeease come in and buy something, like, this week. I need you, just as much as you need this store.


I just got back from the New Age Trade Show in Denver. I put in several orders, to be delivered over the next few weeks. I probably shouldn't have spent some of my rent money on these so uh, please come and buy stuff... Money's a little tight... LOL


I bought a few cash-and-carry silverplated pendants from Peter Stone so they are ON THE SHELF NOW. Most are $20-25, very affordable! Also, I placed an additional order for quite a few other pieces, which are made from their custom alloy "Nebula", a sweet tin-based metal that doesn't tarnish, and is comparable in price to the sterling of 10 years ago. (Nickel free, lead free, of course.) So you can have your cool Peter Stone designs in a silver-like metal, but not at silver prices. This order will be on the way in a couple weeks. Pentagrams, triquetras, triple moons, Thor's hammers, stuff like that.

Peter Stone jewelry is made in Thailand under fair trade conditions - the owner, Peter Koslowski, lives there and married a local lady; he has a strong sense of honor about how his company impacts the people there. (His teenage daughter was actually unaware of what deep meaning Peter Stone's religious jewelry has on people around the world, especially pagans. It was fun talking to her about that, and awakening a sense of pride in her family's business. She was so sweet and humble.)

We can order from the entire Peter Stone catalogue, so check them out at PeterStone.com.


Statuary that I ordered from the statue guys (I forget which company I ordered from!) shipped today, and should be in this time next week. We're getting a variety of really nice stuff, coz you know I don't like cheap crap on my shelves. But that doesn't mean it's going to be expensive, either. A nice item for a fair price, that's what we are trying to achieve at Once Upon A Silver Moon; you know that whatever you buy is going to be good quality and will last you a nice long time, otherwise it's not even going to make it through the door. I like a bargain as much as anyone, but to me "bargain" inherently means "good bang for the buck", not "low grade Chinese Walmart junk".

So what all statuary did we order? Some Egyptian stuff, including some little Bastet snowglobes (with glitter) - so cute! Some gothy gargoyly-dragony type stuff. And some faerie-mermaid flavored things, just a little of this and a bit of that. I'll post pictures on the Facebook page ("like" OnceUponASilverMoon and "friend" AndeSpenser). I picked out some smaller items for summertime spending, but we'll have the catalogues around for special requests such as altar pieces, and bring in a few larger pieces closer to the holidays.


I also ordered some pendulums from Xeonix, not super fancy, but brass and steel ones wtih a nice weight to them. George makes them in his garage in Dallas, so even though it's a company that's been around a long time, they're all handmade, which I find very cool. They are going to be about $10 and you can either use them as-is or add beads or charms (or have us do it for you) to trick them out a bit. Xenonix will be shipping them in about two weeks. If you want to know how to use them, google "free pendulum charts" and you'll find a ton you can print out and play with.

If you would be interested in a pendulum class, which would include one of these little guys, let me know.


I put in a small order with Deva Designs, for some pewter Tree of Life pendants and a couple pewter wolf and dragon pendants. Their jewelry is all made in the USA as well. Mickie and John have run the business for many years, and now their son and his wife help them with sales and other parts of the business there in Sedona. It's fun to see a family grow up and the kids start taking a bigger part in the business. They will call me in a few days to let me know it's on the way.


Bombay Incense has their own line of Nag Champa. I ordered a couple cases of the 40gm boxes. In my opinion, it's a little richer than Satya Sai Baba (the blue stuff), and closer to the original formula from the '60s. Satya, to me, smells a bit like Nilla Wafers, a bit too sweet. So give this one a try and let me know what you think - it's the same price as the Satya, too.

I also got six tong/spoon sets for charcoal incense use, and they will probably fly off the shelf, so be ready to grab one of these little guys when they come in.

Just for fun, I ordered a set of lightweight colored cotton scarves with the "om" symbol (not the "ohm" one, ha ha). One each of a variety of colors, nice for a small altar or to use as a prayer shawl.


I put in a hefty order for Llewellyn, and you can STAKE A CLAIM! This order is going to ship 7/25, so from now til then you can put down a deposit on your new deck since I only ordered ONE of each kind. Deposit = half the cover price.

If you want to check them out I recommend the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, http://tarotforum.net/
which often has pictures of the whole deck, as well as reviews.

If you are going to buy it from Amazon, PLEASE use our affiliate link, which can be found on my website: http://onceuponasilvermoon.com/AmazonAffiliateLink.html

But it would be much nicer to buy a deck at the shop. Coz... business.

$23 decks:

  1. I Ching: Dead Moon Deck (spooky/gothy!) 2: Lenormand Deck (I got two of these) 3: Art Nouveau Tarot (beautiful!)
  2. Witches' Tarot by Ellen Dugan (supercool)
  3. Universal Fantasy Tarot (really nice pictures)

$12 decks:

  1. Pagan Tarot (mini deck)
  2. Art Nouveau Mini Tarot Deck
  3. Vampires of the Eternal Night ($33) (way gothy!)
  4. Buzos Divinatory Shells Kit ($30) (cowrie shells, very old tradition)

To pre-order, you must come in and make a CASH deposit. The reason it is cash is because I'm going to staple it onto my copy of your receipt, and hang onto it until it's time for that order to ship, at which time I will make a deposit that will (hopefully) cover the cost of the order. Again, that is set to ship on July 25th - one month from now.


I ordered ten sets of runes, one each in the following stones. They will sell for $30 so if you want to claim a set, you can put down a deposit on them just like on the tarot cards. (deposit = $15)

  1. bloodstone (dark green)
  2. white onyx (milky white)
  3. amethyst (purple)
  4. carnelian (orange-red)
  5. red jasper (brick red)
  6. rose quartz (pink)
  7. crystal (clear)
  8. blue onyx (medium blue)
  9. golden quartz (dark yellow)
  10. hematite (metallic black)

They come with a nice little black velour bag. 25 stones (one is blank); the runes are carved into the rock and enhanced with gold paint. Very nice.

I also ordered five copies of Lisa Peschel's "A Practical Guide to the Runes", $7. You can also reserve a copy of this for $4.

The runes/books will also ship July 25th.


These are so cool! A nice little hand-held metal seal, and a good-sized stick of sealing wax. $15

I ordered TWO each of the following:

  1. Celtic spirals (three spirals, arranged in a triangle, connected in the middle) - green wax
  2. Pentagram - red wax
  3. Triquetra - purple wax

You can reserve one for $8. Again - cash only on the reserves. Due to ship 7/25.


I know a lot of you readers out there enjoy getting the Llewellyn Magickal Almanacks every year. (BTW we have some from past years if you didn't get one or lost yours.) I ordered the following:

25 copies of the Magickal Almanack, $10 ($5 deposit) 15 copies of the spiral-bound Witch's Date Book, $10 ($5 deposit) 10 copies of the Witch's Wall Calendar, $13 ($7 deposit)

These are set to ship SEPTEMBER 15th, so you have plenty of time to stake a claim on one before then. I can pretty much guarantee that they'll all be reserved, so please come in early and throw down your five bucks so you won't have heartbreak later.

And if you're thinking of waiting til January and getting it half off... well, you go ahead and take your chances, but why wait? Plan your daily underwear wardrobe ahead of time! (That IS what the "color of the day" is for, right?)

I'm giving you plenty of notice, so make some room in your budget now and get your calendar before all the holiday spending insanity starts.


Into that calendar order I snuck two copies of the Steampunk Tarot deck and book set. $29 (deposit $15). Just in time for Octopodicon! These will surely go quickly so reserve yours as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see all of you soon. :)


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