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From: "Once Upon A Silver Moon" <mailmonkey@onceuponasilvermoon.com>
Subject: Tornado Relief, Nerdy Girls Class Announcements
Date: May 30th 2013

Hello all,

Three things. Or, three and a half.


The local chapter of Nerdy Girls is going to have a painting party here 6/11. Lacey says it best:

"Our Georgia O'Keeffe painting party will be Tuesday, June 11th at 6pm, graciously hosted by Once Upon a Silver Moon allowing us to have 20 spots as opposed to the usual 6-8. As part of our modern masters series we will be creating our own original works based on Georgia O'Keeffe's style and we'll learn a little about her and her process. The event posting contains a pinboard of O'Keeffe's work if you want to get inspired. :D"

For more information - http://www.meetup.com/OKNerdyGirls/events/120862662/ Don't call the shop - I have no further information.


We're also having a paperwork soiree this Thursday at 6. What that means is pizza, beer, and bookkeeping. You bring yours, I'll bring mine, and we'll do our data entry and/or sorting by ourselves together in the same room. No chitchat! Just work! LOL

Please call to give me a head's up. I may not have enough chairs, either - you'll probably want to bring a folding chair.



The biggest news is that we are running a drive for ritual supplies and books for pagans who have lost theirs in the storm. We estimate about 100 pagans were affected by the tornados last week. For those who have never been or known a pagan on the recovery end of a disaster, losing their library of sacred and reference books is a serious problem. Since we do not have pagan spiritual centers or churches in this area, there isn't a way for them to get the same kind of support a person in a more mainstream religion would. Catholics will get replacement rosaries, Christians will get replacement bibles, but a pagan is just left hanging out there to deal with their loss alone.

This particularly sucks for them down the road when they are ready to do a ritual or spell for, say, health or acquiring a new job, and want to reach for their reference books or herbs or stones, and they are just... gone.

A friend of mine lost everything in a house fire several years ago and it was tough to see her relive the loss over and over until she finally got her tools and books more or less replaced. It was her experience that prompted me to start collecting this very specific type of stuff.

We have a blog entry here -

that tells more about what we're doing. Please take a moment to read it, as it will answer many questions.

Several Wiccan authors and pagan groups have shared our facebook post around online too, http://www.facebook.com/OnceUponASilverMoon/posts/596874670330690

and as a result we have gotten some care packages from all over the US. Much more, in fact, than we have local donations, which surprises me since local pagans are usually so generous. This causes me to suspect that the word is not getting out to the local pagans, so if you know some of them, please forward this message to them, in order that they can know about this program.

I have been through a tornado myself, so I know what recovery is like. The first few days you are just trying to salvage what you can, find a place to live, and get your vehicle situation sorted out. Eventually the insurance comes through and your bank stops sitting on the funds (bastards!!) and you can then get replacement everything - from hairbrushes to shoes to your alarm clock, coffee maker, bed, couch, fridge... Oh! how you come to hate shopping!

About two weeks in, you have a few minutes to relax, and that's when the loss of your sentimental and spiritual stuff starts to sink in. Maybe you want to smudge your new abode, and you go to get your smudge herbs, but... they are gone. Or you just want to have a moment of peace, light a candle and burn some incense, but your candle holders all got smashed by flying debris, your candles have ground-in dirt, and your incense is either soggy or looks like it went through a blender. You might like to look up how to make a protection amulet and all your reference books are shredded and molding. The real pain is when you go to look for something you have painstakingly filed in your Book of Shadows (a collection of your own spells and recipes, stuff you came up with yourself), and it is nowhere to be found. Vanished, maybe it wound up in a field someplace, a few towns over.

So the timing on donations is working out pretty well - by the time the affected pagans learn that we've got this going for them, we'll have a good selection of stuff for them to choose from.

Please let people know about this. Spread the word, don't assume anyone knows about it. At this point, I hope to reach the people who need to receive more than those who wish to donate, but if you have some books, tools, or supplies you want to bring in, by all means please do so.

There will be disasters in the future - if we have surplus this time, we will save it for another disaster. :(

Thanks for reading! Peace at ya.


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