Apache Tears


Apache Tears

Said to help ease sorrow, Apache Tears are formed inside a shell of perlite after a volcanic eruption.

APACHE TEARS (ə-păch’ē tîrs) are a type of volcanic glass. When lava flows, it will normally cool into obsidian. However, if water is present, it combines with the obsidian to form perlite. If not all of the obsidian becomes hydrated, the perlite may break off in layers from the outside. The obsidian core is left behind, and this becomes the Apache tear. Apache tears look opaque, but when held to light they appear translucent. Its chemical composition, like obsidian, is mainly SiO2, but they  have many impurities and each is different. They typically fall between 5.0 and 5.5 on the Mohs scale.

The name comes from a legend describing a battle between Apache warriors and the US cavalry. The Apaches knew that they would lose the battle, and rather than be killed, they rode their horses off a cliff. When their families and wives heard the tale, they wept, and their tears turned to stone upon hitting the ground.

Metaphysical Properties

Apache tears are said to heal grief and aid in recovery, grounding, and clearing negative emotions.

They also offer protection, which makes them ideal not only for those who are experiencing emotional distress, but also for those who are trying to help or heal others. Keeping one in a pocket or purse can be beneficial to nurses, caretakers, or parents.

Along with obsidian, Apache tears are linked to the root chakra. When held during meditation, these stones can help to move energy to this chakra and help with grounding and connecting to nature and the Earth.

Care and Cleansing

These stones are easily cleaned with warm water, but as they are volcanic glass, be careful not to wash them with other crystals as they may get scratched.

Apache tears are among the quickest to heal grief, but this means that they are also among the quickest to require cleansing. When the stone feels “full”, usually after a few days or a week, let it sit in running water for 20 minutes. A natural source like a stream is preferred, but regular tap water will work as well.

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