Call for Artists

Once Upon A Silver Moon is looking for artwork to use on notecards.

How this works is we pick a few images and license them for one-time use to creates notecards. We pay $1 per image upfront and do all the production. We use a high-quality laser printer and good quality cardstock, place the card and matching envelope in a clear plastic sleeve, so that it looks very professional. These cards retail at $5 each, which is a fair price after the costs of production.

We will probably try a short run of the cards, perhaps five of each image we pick, to see how they go. Upon completion of a successful run, we will probably like to do a second printing, which we will negotiate at the same rate ($1 per card) for perhaps a bigger run.

We would also like to include a very short (one paragraph) bio from the artist, and a small description about the work. The artist can also include business cards so that customers might enjoy checking out their websites, facebook etc.

To approach us for this opportunity, please email us (admin [at] onceuponasilvermoon [dot] com) with a link to your portfolio and your contact information. Applicants must own the images and be 100% able to license them for this use. The license agreement will require the artist to testify such, in writing; in case of dispute this puts the artist on the hook for any damages arising from claims of copyright violation. Please make sure where you stand in terms of ownership if you have artwork that has been previously under contract, published, or are providing work done for hire by another entity. A release will be required in this case.