Tumbled Moonstone

June’s birthstone and Florida’s state gemstone, moonstone is usually associated with the Goddess or with femininity.

MOONSTONE (moon stohn) is a variety of feldspar that is found in various places around the world, including the United States, Australia, Mexico, India, Poland, and Sri Lanka. Moonstone’s actual mineral name is perthite, although amazonite also shares this mineral classification.

Common moonstone (pearly, but no flash or fire) is mostly mined in Switzerland. This variety of moonstone is called hecatolite.

Many ancient cultures were familiar with moonstone, and carved it into jewelry. Both Greek and Roman cultures connected the stone with their lunar gods. The Romans believed it was solidified lunar rays. In the modern era, moonstone was very popular with Art Noveau jewelers such as Lalique, who carved it into cameos and other pieces.

There are two different components to a moonstone, with chemical compositions of albite, (Na,Ca)Al12Si32O8, and orthoclase, KAlSi3O8. When this stone forms, the two feldspars are stacked in alternating layers. Light bounces off these layers, giving this mineral a distinctive milky “glow”. This effect is called adularescence, and the light reflecting off stacked layers are also what causes “fire” inside certain moonstones.  It ranks 6 – 6.5 hardness on the Mohs scale.

Metaphysical Properties

Moonstone is considered to be one of the best stones for psychic work. It is good use when discovering and strengthening psychic powers. It helps the user to know and understand themself. Moonstone is yin in nature, working in subtle, gentle ways.

It is also good for wish fulfilment, and many use it when trying to bring about change. This stone is good for personal transformations and inner growth, and many keep it close when trying to break habits or create new ones, and when adjusting to new changes.

This is also a stone for love. It can help bring lovers back together after an argument, and can help the user to feel empathy for others. Used together with rose quartz, moonstone plays an important part in reconciliation work.

It is also seen as a feminine stone, and is beneficial in strengthening feminine energies. It can help promote fertility, ease emotions during pregnancy, and strengthen the bond between mother and child.

Care and Cleansing

Moonstone is best cleaned with water and a soft cloth. Do not put this stone in an ultrasonic cleaner. Moonstone is prone to breaking along the cleavage lines due to its dual layered structure, so be careful not to knock or bump it around, especially if set into a ring.

To spiritually cleanse moonstone, smudge with sage or hold under running water for several minutes. To recharge, leave it sitting in the moonlight for several hours. The light of the full moon is ideal, but you can recharge your stone in any phase of the moon. Alternately, you can leave the crystal sitting in a dish of full moon water.

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