Tumbled Prehnite

Primarily found in Africa, prehnite is often praised for its ability to open the third eye and assist in deep mediation.

PREHNITE (prāˌnīt) is a sillicate mineral that is found in Australia, Africa, Canada, China, and India. In the United States it can be found in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Its chemical composition is Ca2Al2Si3O10(OH). It ranks between 6 and 6.5 hardness on the Mohs scale.

Prehnite is named after Colonel Hendrik von Prehn, who discovered it in 1788. Von Prehn, a naturalist and mineral collector, was the commander of the militia and later the governor of the Dutch colony at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, where this stone was first discovered. Von Prehn brought it back to Europe where Abraham Werner named it in Prehn’s honor. Werner was a geologist whose work on classifying minerals is still used today.

Prehnite usually creates botryoidal formations (rounded masses), but is found in all types of shapes, from coarse fingers to gem-quality crystals. Prehnite is not a zeolite, but is often found alongside them. Sometimes it is found as stalagtites. High grade prehnite can be cut as a gemstone.

This stone has the interesting ability to give off water when heated, but cannot absorb it back. (Please note that this will cause the stone to become very brittle.)

Metaphysical Properties

Prehnite is often used in work involving dreaming, foresight, and remembering. It is said to make dreams more vivid, open the third eye while dreaming, and help messages and revelations become apparent through dreams. It is also said to be helpful in strengthening the memory and recovering memories from past lives.

This stone is often used during meditation and during divination to expand the mind and get in touch with higher planes, especially astral projection. Known to psychics as “the stone of prophecy”, it is helpful when making predictions or scrying.

Prehnite is associated with the heart chakra, and helps to link the higher chakras together. As the stone of unconditional love, it links the heart and will together. As such, it facilitates forgiveness and acceptance.

Care and Cleansing

Prehnite can be cleaned using water and a mild soap. Do not put it in an ultrasonic cleaner. This stone is very brittle, so be careful when handling and storing with harder crystals.

To cleanse or clear prehnite, hold it under running water for several minutes. This stone can also be cleansed with other crystals.

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