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Tumbled Ruby Fuschite

Found mainly in India, ruby fuchsite is a popular healer’s sone and is often used to connect the chakras.

RUBY FUCHSITE (ˈɹuːbi  \ˈf(y)ükˌsīt\) is a combination of the crystals ruby and fuchsite. It is commonly found in India, although it is also found in places such as Ethiopia. Fuchsite’s chemical composition is K(Al,Cr)2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2, and ruby’s composition is Al2O3 + Cr. The fuchsite ranks between 2 and 2.5 on the Mohs scale, while the ruby sits at a 9.

Fuchsite is named after the German mineralogist Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs. It has very low levels of radioactivity, and will glow green when lit by long-wave UV light. Fuchsite is a kind of muscovite, and the green coloration is caused by the substitution of aluminum for chromium. The more chromium present, the more vibrant the green color.

Ruby’s coloration is also due to chromium, and it gets its name from the Latin “ruber”, meaning “red”. The chromium inside a ruby actually absorbs yellow-green light, and will re-emit it, causing it to glow under a UV light. This property led to the invention of the first laser by Theodore Maiman in 1960.

Metaphysical Properties

Ruby is known for its powerful effects, including aiding in concentration and promoting bravery. It also helps in strengthening bonds, especially between couples. It helps ease troubles and worries, and brings peace of mind to the user.

Fuchsite is a popular healer’s stone, and is also used to bring about emotional and spiritual healing. It is used to remove stress and help resolve conflicts. It also sparks inspiration and creativity, and is often useful for problem solving.

Together, ruby and fuchsite are a powerful heart chakra stone. Together they help balance the chakras and to deepen meditation. Ruby fuchsite is often used for spiritual and magic work, and many use it during astral projection. Using this stone can help the user come to terms with problems and find solutions, as well as to understand issues or relationships on a deeper level. Many find that it raises their enthusiasm and motivation, as well as helping them to find their individuality.

Ruby fuchsite is a stone that, when holding it, can instill a feeling of happiness and joy. It has been observed that if one is holding it and consciously thinks “I’m going to put it down now”, that the stone will object!

Care and Cleansing

Ruby Fuchsite is easily cleaned with water and a mild soap.

To clear or cleanse this stone, run water over it and then leave out in moon or star light. A quick rinse with salt water or smudging is also common.

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