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Tumbled Ruby Kyanite

Sometimes connected to the throat chakra, ruby kyanite is a combination of two stones that creates a very positive and soothing energy.

RUBY KYANITE (ˈɹuːbi ˈkī-ə-ˌnīt ) is a combination of kyanite and the precious stone ruby, and can be found in Asia.

July’s birthstone, Ruby is classified as one of the four precious stones, and is valued for its deep red color. The red color is due to chromium impurities, when other elements are present, sapphires are produced. Its chemical composition is Al2O3 + Cr. It ranks at an impressive 9.0 hardness on the Mohs scale.

Kyanite’s name derives from the Greek kuanos, meaning “deep blue”. The chemical formula for kyanite is Al2SiO5. It forms long, column – like crystals, which give it a distinctive “grain”. This property leads to its anisotropism, giving it a Mohs hardness of 7.0 against the grain and around a 5.5 when cut with the grain.

Metaphysical Properties

Ruby Kyanite is said to have a wide variety of magickal properties. Not only does it aid in communication, it is also said to be beneficial for meditation, astral projection, and opening the third eye. It enhances and tunes spiritual energies, and is fantastic for balancing the chakras.

It also has a reputation as a protective stone, as it dispels negative energies and emits soothing vibrations. It can alleviate stress and help one to focus on self-growth and healing. It can ease anxiety and aid in making choices.

The kyanite offers protection and aids in communication, while the ruby helps guide one to follow their heart and grow both spiritually and as a person. Together, these two stones are ideal for encouraging one to embrace change and move forward towards goals.

Care and Cleansing

Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or harsh chemicals when cleaning these stones. Some water and a mild soap can be used, along with a soft cloth for drying.

This stone doesn’t hold onto absorbed negative energies, and is self-cleansing. As such, it can be used to assist in clearing other crystals or stones without worry. If you feel that it is in need of a cleansing anyway, setting it in a dish of spring water should do the trick in a matter of minutes.

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