Schorl (Black Tourmaline)


Rough Schorl

Also known as black tourmaline, schorl is associated with the root chakra and is one of the most popular crystals. It is often used for grounding and as a “spiritual shield”.

SCHORL (shawrl) is a variety of tourmaline that is found in various places around the world, often in Germany. Its chemical composition is Na(Fe32+)Al+ (Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3(OH). It ranks at a 7.0 hardness on the Mohs scale.

The word “schorl ” has been used since at least the 1400s, as the town where the stone was first found was, roughly, named schorl. This stone has pyroelectric tendencies, causing it to produce a small voltage when warm. Schorl is one of the most common types of tourmaline, and it is estimated that it accounts for roughly 90% of found tourmaline.

Metaphysical Properties

Schorl is most often used as a grounding stone, but it is also a very powerful protection stone. It can reflect negative energies and guard against those that would impact you negatively. It can help relieve stress and encourage a positive attitude.

Combining selenite and schorl is a good cleansing method for a home or area, and together the two stones radiate positivity. Alone or with selenite, schorl is used to straighten out confusing forces and to help ground and settle your psychic energy.

The strong positive power of this stone makes it excellent for cleansing other stones, and many find that keeping a few alongside their other stones and crystals helps to keep them clear and active.

Care and Cleansing

This stone can be physically cleaned with water, and it’s safe to use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub any crevices. Avoid using salt or saltwater with this stone.

Schorl can be cleared in a variety of ways. Leaving the stones in a bowl of distilled water for about ten minutes works well, as does combining the stone with selenite. Some like to cleanse their stones with sage first. Many feel as though this stone doesn’t need to be cleansed as often as others.

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