Alchemy Gothic order 2/16/15

Cult of Isis

Cult of Isis
Translucent red enamelled solar disk, horned and throned, of the great Egyptian and universal Goddess.

Stella Igneus

Stella Igneus
Magical pentagram consumed by the purifying flames of divinity; bronzed two-tone.


Crystal Heart
A pure heart of rainbow-spangled white crystal is set inside a simple foliate frame of Victorian sentiment.


Poison Ivy
A dulcet garland of nature’s bounties in chorus, signalling an underlying malevolence; on forest green organza ribbon, with cream rose & green Swarovski crystal ‘pearls’.


Alter Orbis
The pitiful tortured remains of a hapless nobody.

Nevermore Cross

Nevermore Cross
In homage to Edgar Allan Poe, this mourning cross is inscribed with the raven’s single word answer to all questions, ‘Nevermore’; from the 1845 poem, “The Raven”.

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